How to Upgrade BarTender

It is easy to update BarTender to the latest version, upgrade it to a more powerful edition, or add printer licenses to your current system.

Free Upgrades

Major Upgrades

Contact your BarTender reseller for all major upgrades:

  • Updating to a new version, such as from BarTender 2016 to BarTender 2019. If you have a current software maintenance agreement, you can update to a new version for free right away. Otherwise, you will need to bring your software maintenance up to date.

  • Upgrading to a more powerful edition, such as from the Professional edition to the Enterprise edition. This is a paid upgrade.

  • Increasing the number of printers, such as from 3 printers to 10 printers. This is a paid upgrade.

Your BarTender reseller will make sure you get the right upgrade. Make sure you have:

  • Your Product Key Code (PKC).

  • Your version and edition.

  • A registered product: If you have not registered your BarTender software, your upgrade processing may be delayed. You can register online.

If your original reseller is unable to help you for any reason, contact us.

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