Every industry faces its own evolving regulations and standard practices. And companies in every industry trust BarTender to help them meet those requirements with its ease of deployment and secure, configurable technology.

EU food allergen labeling (FIC)

BarTender makes compliance with the EU’s Food Information to Consumers (FIC) labeling requirements a piece of cake. Our allergen label template is easy to use, no matter what product you manufacture, what packaging you use, or what language you speak.

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FDA 21 CFR part 11

BarTender® enterprise labeling software transforms information into the labels, barcodes and RFID that drive 21 CFR Part 11 labeling compliance in FDA- and EC-validated installations at medical device and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

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BarTender® software is an integral component of the GHS labeling strategy of the world’s chemical facilities, deployed at ICIS Top 100 manufacturers as well as local and regional operations. The chemical industry chooses BarTender for ease of deployment and configurable technology, all backed by industry expertise — we understand the regulatory and supply chain pressures that chemical manufacturers and distributors face.

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BarTender software is a secure component of FDA-compliant UDI installations around the world. The medical device industry chooses BarTender for its ease of deployment and configurable technology, all backed by industry expertise — we understand the regulatory and process pressures medical device manufacturers face.

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